January 19, 2011
By drakelover BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
drakelover BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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rain drops like little boys throwing rocks
the wind blows like a little girl let go of a balloon from the circus
you look for an umbrella
thats no help theres holes in it
the rain pours right threw
you look for a jacket to keep you warm from the wind
its too small and is wet from the rain
what do you do
who do tou turn to
you turn to a friend
they have a new umbrella
and i nice warm jacket that fits nice and warm

a little while later
the storm has passed
now there is nice warm weather
the sun is out
no rain or wind
just you warm with your friends and family

The author's comments:
i wrote this for writing lab this poem really i think speaks to me about what i do when i have a problem

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