These Four Walls

January 19, 2011
By Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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I look all around me

I see nothing

But these four walls

These four walls that bind me

Day and night

I am surrounded

I cannot leave

I cannot stay

My world is just beyond the walls

I can see forever in my mind

I can reach new heights

But when I look up I am completely closed in

Not a crack to let in the light

No sign of life

Totally surrounded

The four walls


And closer

They are moving in

I cannot make a move to stop them

I close my eyes

I try to escape in my mind

The walls are close enough to touch

There is little air

Won't anyone save me

Bust down these walls

Break away my binding

Release me from holding

I wish to be free

The walls are crushing me

I can barley breathe

I can't feel my legs

My arms are going numb

Life is leaving me body

I've been souring in my mind

I've flown far

Farther then I have ever gone

I have almost reached freedom

But I'm getting tired

Everything is getting dark

I am so close

When everything goes


And quiet

I didn't make it...

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