I Sit And Wait

January 17, 2011
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I wait by the waves,
The crashing, foaming waves.
The sand is a glittery color of beige.
To clear my mind,
I still sit, and still wait.
The waves begin to wrestle,
Alongside the sand.
And I still sit, I still wait.
I close my eyes just to blink,
As I try hard not to think.
I watch the sun set with different shaded hues,
And the sky fade to a dark, midnight blue.
It's getting late, I know, yet
I still sit, I still wait.
The waves inch closer, but
I still sit, I still wait.
The moon has awakened,
and is now moving with the ocean.
The waves crawl toward me,
I'm all alone, by the sea,
I have not moved yet.
My heart is forever within the sea,
The one and only place,
That's made just for me.
The wind blows my hair,
As I listen to the silence,
And I still sit and wait.
The wind itself tries blowing me away,
As if it is trying to say,
"You belong to me,
And to the sea."
But I'm still sitting,
Still waiting,
For something,
But what?
There's nothing,
Just me,
Sitting here,
Waiting here,
Beside the silent sea.

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