I Will Listen

January 18, 2011
By Brittany Christofel BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Brittany Christofel BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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For now, I am all ears, I will listen.
Listen to the song and the sing
Of the paired love bird,

Hear the sizzle, ding, click
Of the java, register, and anxious pens.
Flipping of pages, sifting through loose change.

Hear the soft silence of summer’s nightfall,
The quiet distant call of a locust.

Hear the chuckle and chatter of those who surround me,
Who I surround myself with.
Hear them converse and carry on,
Careless of consequence;
Careless of time.

Hear the rumble of a rickety engine
The shift of the cog that will bring us closer,
And farther away.
The jingle of shiny metal keys and slams of broken car doors.

The crowd’s babble,
The click of timber, plucking of fine twine.
The notes that brought us all together
Our harmony.
The low hum of the amp,
The boom of the drum
A thunderous sound.

These sounds all presented to me as we play.
As we pour our hearts into the music that once thrilled us.
Playing on stage, the husks of us,
Our own lyric.
It brought us together.
I listen, my eyes open,
Only to find my ears deceiving me.

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