January 15, 2011
By KaylaMusique BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
KaylaMusique BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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I can feel you there,
Standing but an inch away…
And if I reach out my hand,
Stretch just a little bit further…
Catching you is easy.

I need you to stay here with me,
Flit and flutter,
Don’t stray from this place;
All will crumble with your leave.

A humble abode for the not- so- humble
You and I;
Lost without words,
Built on blind faith;
Developing the grounds for love.

That four- letter word,
I swore not to utter;
Changing views and skewing reality,
Shaking the world as we knew it…
Was this why you arrived?

Catching you was easy;
Keeping you is unfair…
Happiness can only be mutual
When everything is shared.

With a sickle and hammer in hand,
We march into battle;
Thoughts of equality
Leading to one thing;
Absolute joy or misery.

Hoping for the best,
Expecting the worst;
If we hold on together,
We’ll be twice as strong.

Dear butterfly,
Don’t let go;
We will both flit and flutter;
Never shall we stray,
From this place that feels like home.

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