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January 15, 2011
By Tayanna_Renee GOLD, Asbuty Park, New Jersey
Tayanna_Renee GOLD, Asbuty Park, New Jersey
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Livin in this life is no walk In the park.
Its like you steady trippin and feelin around in the dark
Nothing is where you remember it
Nothin is how you see it.
Life is like a room with a closed door
a wound that never seems to heal
And stays sore.
The light never goes on, You cant see me
or her
or HIM
Wait, you were just right here...where did you go?
You were just standing next to me...Or was it all a dream.
WE are in the dark and cant see
IF ANYTHING is real or what it seems.

-Love, Live, AND Laugh with the ones you love kuz when the light comes on--all you can do is hope that they are [REALLY] there.

[[--Rip to ALL the fallen angels and soldiers .
My <3 goes out to YOU all and your families.
Sleep easy till we all meet again.]]

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