January 16, 2011
By AlwaysRitaMi BRONZE, Baraboo, Wisconsin
AlwaysRitaMi BRONZE, Baraboo, Wisconsin
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why didn't you turn around when you walked away?
did you think i wasn't going to stay,
i cant, I've missed you too much to say;
i don't need you anymore, I'm moving on.
you were my friend, my family, my life.
when you said " i don't want you in my life"
it was salt in my wound, twisting the knife.
now i just want to end it,
make it all go away.
but there's more i shud say,
i remember the good tI'mes and the bad,
the tI'mes i was there with u,
no matter what was up,
i was there for you, i believed you
so when you left, were you glad?
glad to get rid of mi, glad to say no more pretending?
or were you sad?
sad, that you lost a good friend, sad that a good friend betrayed your only promise?
i knoww i was that friend,
i was always there for you, yes i broke our promise,
but did u ever think i would take it all back in a second?
i would, no doubt about it,
but u wouldn't listen, what happened was how you thought of it,
your way or no way,
so all i can do is say sorry.
I am so very , deeply, sorry from the part of my heart that only you can fill.
our friendship was real, i could tell you anything, it almost kills.
it kills mi inside to think of what i did, and how i did it.
sorry wont make up for it, nothing will.
its pointless telling u this,
i know you wont listen,
so this turns into a good bye letter,
just remember,
ill love you and be your friend, forever and ever

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