Cage of Despair

January 16, 2011
I'm locked in a cage. I can't get out. Nobody can hear my pleading and begging.

"Set me free! Set me free!", I would scream into the night but only the silence would scream back.

I stare at the passersby. They stare back. I sit alone, they walk away. What should I do? I cannot do anything but stare. Stare and think. The thoughts I have thought of.. the dreams I have dreamt. It is as if I have been locked in this Cage of Despair.

You locked me in this cage. You covered up my sound. You shunned me from this world and I am eager to break free. Eager to become me. To become whom I am meant to be. But alas, your cold heartless bars stand strong and I cannot break them. I cannot break your iron grasp that holds me to the ground when I yearn to fly - to soar with the other birds in the sky.

Instead I stare. I stare into the blackness of my life, the emptiness. I am truly alone. And I think these thoughts that should not be thought of. I look with these eyes that should not be looking. They stare back. I cannot stop the inevitable.

What am I to do? What can one in my position do? Can I run away from it and leave it all in the dark? No.. I cannot run away from myself.. what is within me. It is a poison seeping through my veins and into the very depth of my heart. Killing me from the inside until I am not me. I am only an empty shell, awaiting a future.

I can feel my feathers being plucked off - one by one. Feather by feather falling beneath me as I am pulled back to the ground. The ground I do not want to be a part of. I do not want to be held again. Do not hold me down, let me go, let me be free, let me fly away.

Let me be me.

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