Gone from us to Soon

January 16, 2011

Gone from us to soon,

But your still here.

Forgotten…not you, never.

Why so fast did you leave us?

That single night that ended you

No one could have guessed,

That the one who inspired us all,

Would be the first to leave us behind.

So many things you taught me.

How to love and care, how to laugh and live.

My friend I hope you can hear me,

Some days all I want is to hear your funny voice or

Get a crazy note from you.

Maybe it's just that I miss the way you hugged me

But you will always me in my mind.

Even if I move on in my life,

You will be right there to remind me to take things as they are.

So young but in a way you were ready to go I guess.

You talked about what if I was gone a lot.

But Cory we never thought it would be this soon,

That we would never be able to see your face again.

You will never be alone now,

Like when you were here

maybe you're happier,

Looking down on us.

The author's comments:
written about my best friend

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