So Not Perfect

January 16, 2011
I'm absolutely stubborn and I have to have my way
I don't want to be bothered at some points of the day
Sometimes my attitude can't be the most positive
And sometimes I can be a bit too sensitive
At times I can be a little bit rude
And my mind seems to change along with my mood
I say a lot of things that I don't really mean
I can be a bit of a drama queen
From time to time I don't go along with the scene
And I'm not very organized with a full routine
My imagination can be a tad too colorful
And I seem to think everything I say and do is wonderful
Every once in a while I can get really random
And I do stupid things simply out of boredom
At certain times I am a tiny bit impulsive
And the things I do aren't always the most impressive
I'm so not perfect in every way
But perfectly imperfect is how I spend my days

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