Jumping into the Deep End

January 16, 2011
By dime_wilkins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
dime_wilkins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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At first I thought you were no more than mere shallow waters
Where the kids play and all the weak swimmers
Now I see oceans so deep, an ocean that shimmers
I thought you were just another one of them
You know like him, him, and him
But no, you're far more than stupidity wrapped in a cute package
What you have that they lack is;
A heart filled with years of pain
A mind not looking for the person of blame
A volunteer not hoping for something to gain
And not looking back at what little remains
This is what I see in waters so deep
A best friend that would watch me sleep
Someone that would be my own to keep
When it comes to music he hears the words instead of the beat
When standing next to him you can feel his heat
But you know before I thought I was playing in the shallow end
But now I know I'm jumping into the deep end

The author's comments:
This started out as a poem that was actually about someone but then it turned into a more fictional poem.

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