Do you ever feel?

January 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Why do your words burn me so,
like flames reaching out to my wounds?
How do your eyes hurt me now,
as if they see right through me somehow?
Why does your heartbeat echo like this,
pounding in head to remind me of exactly what I miss?
How do you cause me so much pain,
tears that fall like razor blades?
Why can you just, not say a word,
and somehow crash my entire world?
How does your memory cut like a knife,
babe, what the hell gives you that right?
Do my words burn you,
can you hear them every day and night?
Do my eyes haunt you,
as if they see more than just sight?
Does my heartbeat echo in your head,
as if every other sound is dead?
Do your tears fall quick and sharp,
leaving behind nothing but scars?
Do I make your world fall,
without saying a word at all?
Does my memory cut right through you,
do you ever feel the way I do?

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