A Sigh

January 16, 2011
By Paul Bucky BRONZE, Chadsford, Pennsylvania
Paul Bucky BRONZE, Chadsford, Pennsylvania
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Short steams of air
Discharge from a forlorn face of resignation
Dismount, await… dissolve.

A lowly sigh.

Prior experiences and aspirations
Trickle down silently on car window panes
Descend, plummet… vanish.

Opportunities and hope
Like waves on a midnight beach
Arrive, linger… retreat.

Chest up. Breathe out. And sigh.

Requests and curiosity
Pushed away by a tumultuous breeze of indifference
Inspect, dismiss… neglect.

Relationships and governments
Too tangled up to be undone
Embroil, confound… dismay.

Chest up. Breathe out. And sigh.

Trivial arguments and disputes
Finished by heartless bullets from hell
Deprive, defile… destruct.

Failure and defeat
Loom with the moon in ethereal darkness
Distort, ambush… ensnare.

A lowly sigh.

To these things we are helpless
And yet
The indomitable human spirit
Sustains, strengthens… revives.

Chests up.
Breathe Out.
Move on.
Joy cometh in the morning.

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