Sweet Enchantment

January 16, 2011
By Marissbliss92 BRONZE, Highland Park, Illinois
Marissbliss92 BRONZE, Highland Park, Illinois
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I could recite to you a classic like Shakespeare… but instead I'd rather share my own. A not-so-classic poem. So here it goes. Let my love for your heart show:
Your name rings out to me like music in my ear. It’s your voice that's like a melody I always want to hear. Moments of intimacy that have been shared between you and I, share the same mystery as life beyond Earth's sky. We've made love that only you and I can know. It’s the type of love that's hard to see or show. It is love that lives between just you and me. If allowed I'd carve our initials on a tree. That way, with the Earth we'd stand, not hand in hand, but with our planet's ancient land. The wind, the sand, the sky, would know our names... our love. May this passion last forever. May it always linger just around the river bend, and with the sands of time. I've done my best to express to you in rhyme, the way I feel. I hope and wish and pray that every day, you think of me, in the same enchanting way. I love you.

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