January 15, 2011
By jaycee SILVER, Duncan, South Carolina
jaycee SILVER, Duncan, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
\'\' when life gives you lemons. turn them into apples and leave people wondering how u did it.\'\'

I sit there in class wondering

Wondering if he See's me.
wondering if he knows I'm here.

I wonder as I wander through the Forrest on my way home.


I wonder did I hear hI'm mumble something as I walked by?
I wonder dose he like me?
I wonder, wonder, wonder, as I wander.

I see hI'm!
Over by the brown tree with the yellow and brown leaves.

I walk he turns and looks at me.

Its hI'm...but it is ant.
He has a crazy look in his eyes,
and a devilish smile on he face.

His girl friend is infront of hI'm.
She looks scared ''Run.'' she whispers with her dieing breath.

I gasp and run, run, run and never look back.

Now he is chasing me.
I am wondering, wondering, wondering.
if this will be the last tI'me i smell the cool autumn breeze,
or hear the leaves crack,and crackle under my feet.

i wonder
Why is he like this?
That was the last thing i thought before he got me.

The author's comments:
this is about a jerk at my school.

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