Love lasts forever...sometimes.

January 15, 2011
By jaycee SILVER, Duncan, South Carolina
jaycee SILVER, Duncan, South Carolina
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\'\' when life gives you lemons. turn them into apples and leave people wondering how u did it.\'\'

Love is like a hurt bird.You have to nurture it.You have to feed it,and u have to care for it.

But in the end you will have to set love free. If it was meant to be then love will come back banging on your door! If it isn't....

Then your best friend shows up at the door with a bat saying ''Lemme at him!''

Because the love from your best friend will last forever. You don't have to fix it or patch the holes, it just grows and changes as you and your friend grow and change.

Love lasts forever...sometimes.

The author's comments:
this is about me and my break up with my boyfriend. and my BFF fixing everything :) i love her forever.

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