January 15, 2011
The sweet gentle mystery
The girl everyone seeks to possess
She holds the key
To Earth's conquest

Together her simple essence
Will boost all the elements

Light of redemption
Wind of contemption
Fire of energy
Earth of catastrophe
Darkness of might
Water of insight

Together and not divided
Strengthend and united

She could bring about the end of the Earth
Or she could be the world's rebirth

Shrouded in illusion
Her past is a mystery
She causes immense confusion
With her past. Her shaded history

She arrived in the middle of the fight
Innocent, intelligent, elogant
The daughter of eternal Night

She's the group's shining star
The new cold Queen
Battling with her Pink guitar

The eternal lonely Ice
The frozen storm
A soul so nice
Shall be reborn

Evil and darkness has begun
The pressure to succeed will intensify
And although the worst is yet to come

She has the golden eye
Her friends, her strength, and her love
She will forever Amplify

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