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January 18, 2011
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You will need:
A single idea
1 gallon of heart
2 pints of stubbornness
1 ounce of stupidity
2 spatters of blood
4 spoons of luck
3 quarts of courage

First crack open an idea,
and place it in the bowl gently.
Without this ingredient,
you’d be left with a disaster.

Next pour in the gallon of heart.
It may seem like too much,
but you’ll need it;
for when no one
believes you, you need to believe
in yourself. The heart will also cage
that raging, rabid bitch
leashed inside you,
when all it desires
is to lash out at your critics.

Now add the ounce
of stupidity and two pints
of stubbornness,
for what smart person
would stand their ground,
who wouldn’t give into the rest of society?

After you mix these in quickly,
slip in the couple spatters of red blood.
This is the price that’s paid for the sake of an idea;
this is the price that’s paid by a dreamer.
But don’t give up—the gallon of heart
will pick you back up when you think
you’ve hit rock bottom.
Swiftly disperse the four spoonfuls of luck.
With it, people will start to recognize your idea,
though not many. Continue to
hold your head high, for this
is where courage comes in handy.

Finally mix in the three quarts
of courage and let it cool.
You will most likely be
at the end of your years.
Don’t worry, all that fighting
wasn’t for nothing—
people will believe in your idea
when you’re gone; even the
harshest critics will grow fond.
For when you want to make history,
you must grow strong.

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