People Us We He She Highschool Galaxies

January 18, 2011
People, Us, We, He, She
What is the Universe but
A galaxy of People,
Of rock, A spinning mess,
A vortex, Of life, and death,
But never expectant of what will occur next,
because people, Us, We,
We use, and him and her,
They continue
To fight, To let go, To dream,
And yet everything still seems.
To be one big mystery.
Do I, or even you,
Yea you, sitting there,
In your comfy chair,
Do you realize,
What this world has to offer?
We aren't living like Willy Wonka,
Its not all Candy lands,
And sugary sweets,
Were living lives of pain and deceit,
People, Don't you see?
That we, You, and me,
Yeah, Us.
We run the government,
A Republic,
The voice of the people
And we, You and me,
We don't speak out,
We aren't heard,
Because were just the people,
We don't have the educations
Of the democrats or the republicans,
No ivy league schools,
No seat in the senate,
Hell, we don't know our right from wrong,
When it comes to politics,
They think, at least,
But what do THEY know?
What makes THEM better than
You, Or me, Hell even we,
We the people of the united states,
We are what is known as the human race,
And even when it comes to presidents,
Our voices, aren't the ones they collect
You see, A group of people,
They elect,
Who represents,
And in the end,
Our president,
Is who the state favors,
Should represent, Us,
These politics,
Bah, You see, That we,
No matter who we are,
We will always live under these stars,
Unless we decide,
To find who we are,
Yes, That we is,
You and me, The people,
No we don't have to become celebrities, Or scientists,
Or someone unique,
We have to be, You and me,
Because that's all we can become,
You see, In a world full of people,
In a universe, So wide,
There's all different societies,
And there's people who try to hide,
They hide behind their makeup,
And they hide behind their style,
They blend into a picture,
Of a class based world,
But didn't we trash the caste system years ago?
The Brahmans and the untouchables,
So different, Yet so the same,
They were both people,
Just different financial ranks,
Just like the people of today,
So don't you see,
That you and me,
Yes, Us teens, We adults,
We, Triumph,
We succeed,
We give up,
And we breathe,
We are who we think we need to be,
And in a world of many colors,
Races, and religions
How are we so different,
We, We live,
You, You learn,
He, He regrets,
and She, She loves,
Us as a people,
We make this one planet our own,
In a galaxy far and wide,
We just have to decide,
Are we
Yes you and me,
Going to sit back,
On this ride,
Or take a chance,
We are apart of this world after all
And we have the power to make a change.

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Mgymnast This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 30, 2011 at 5:22 pm

this was very long and really good i love the whole idea that we should be ourselves and not focus on having casts which supposedly we don't have!! great job!! i love it!! :)

also, if you get the chance could you take a look at my some of my poems such as A Mirror Image and The Sinners Confession (and comment and rate them????)  it would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!

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