January 4, 2011
By ToFly BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
ToFly BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
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Sitting together, peacefully
He looks at me, my feelings knotted
Smiles and leans over, I love you
He whispers in my ear, don’t know anything
Friends always just friends, till now
Till this, what do I say
How do I respond, do I love him
When he looks at me, dark stare
It enters me, I feel something
Slow and moving, but no
I cannot love him, love does nothing
Only adds pain, goodness cannot come from it
So what do I do, put my head on his should
A tear rolls down, his arm now around me
My head turns in toward his chest, he sighs
Tugging my face upward, his hands caress my face
Heart racing, he wipes away the tear
One hand now on my neck, the back of my head
The smell of him, in my nose
His face, all I can see
On it, so gentle the expression
Lost, yet feeling complete
In his arms, in his eyes
I feel beautiful, the way I felt with other
Reminding me, love hurts
An indescribable pain, nothing I want now
So scared, of the feeling inside
Afraid of what’s next, whatever is coming
Leans in, till all I see is deep gray eyes
Terrified of the inevitable, no where I have been
Feelings conflict, all self-control needed
To stay, to not look away
Somehow, I make it
His lips touch mine, gently
A warmth spreads through me, comforted
It builds, but ends
When he tastes my tears, he pulls away
Only a few inches, only his eyes
All I can see, so filled
With his love, just meant for me
But love is not safe, I have learned
Don’t cry, his voice so tender
It pierces my heart, tears fall faster
He pulls me close, his shirt drying my face
His lips, they slide to my ear
I love you, what else can I do
You fill my life, I know he speaks only truth
Plain on his face, little does he know about love
The ways it has broken me, that he knows
So why must he do this, his words ring in my ears
I love you, he had said
He pulls back, to see my face
Gauging my expression, I see his face
This time differently, I wonder
Could love be good, is it a possibility
Yes, I believe it now
My words come out in a rush, I love you
I know they are true, fire burns in his eyes
My heart nearly exploding, so full
I pull him closer, this kiss lasts
Both sad it had to end, tears on our cheeks
Different this time, from joy
Hold each other for a long time, feel secure
Don’t want to let go, feel complete
This love, so beautiful
Pure, perfect

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