January 4, 2011
By JonSwift BRONZE, NewEgypt, New Jersey
JonSwift BRONZE, NewEgypt, New Jersey
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I hunger,

I starve,

I thrust,

I crave,

I feed,

But do not get fed back.

I love,

But do not get loved back.

When I love,

I feel more lonely.

You quench you thrust on my words,

But speak none back.

I damned your tears,

But you let my river run free.

It grows lager and flows faster.

My doors are open,

But you dare not enter.

You closed your doors and chained your heart,

I try to brake in to cut the chains.

You don't know how I hunger,

Longing to be fed by you.

My table is set for TU,

Welcoming hospitality.

I see you food at hand,

But you dare not share.

You must fear to starve.

But I tell you,

You will never miss a meal.

You will never hunger.

You will never starve.

You will never grow thrust.

No reason to crave.

I will feed you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem at a 30 hour famine, I wrote it because it was one of the tasks we had to do.I would like to say that it came easy to me, but it didn't. I write from the heart and that never comes easy.

note: the word "TU" is not a miss spelling it is the Latin word "you"

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