Lyrical stimulant

January 4, 2011
By kevincj2 GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
kevincj2 GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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Every thing we see or seem is but a dream within a dream- edgar allen poe

If it was to die tomorow

How many that i know would feel sorrow?

I lived with a fire that was cold and forgiving
But when provoked, devided its heat upon the living
I live with a perplexing conscience which declares all underlings nonsense
If i am who people want me to be
Then im all that whats not in a human being
If change within in me is what your seeing
Then best start believing you should make you some dollars
Cause my life is an incoherent experiment thats rough around the edges like sediment , and it realy is eminent , i treat women as prominence, you guessed it man, my fist will never be feminist , i am a philantrapist , whos a lyrical ventriloquist, i bring people together like synthises, even when understanding me is a hit or miss, so come get this poverbial forhead kiss, from my conforting lyric lips , to see what i stand for and why i will never sit, i guess you could call it bliss, how my healing if free and never will have a restrict, you can abuse the lyric drug, and the effect wont be elamanent, that means it wont conceal you ...much like a cabniet, Im universal even when im out of my element, and people still think im artificial intelligence, that just shows their intelligence, cause people who think what i stand for is artificial are really irrelevant, saying lyrics are dead is like saying dial up internet is moving fast as heck,

The author's comments:
Lol i know i spelled "elamanent" wrong. But work with me

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