January 3, 2011
Things right now are going by
Its like the time just likes to fly,
The clouds above us move so fast
The ground beneath us will not last,
The memories we made are a part of life
They are just so good you can't cut them with a knife,
We laugh with the glad
We cry with the sad
We hope for the best
and Dream for the rest
We pray everything will be okay
We beg that there will be another day
Another day bright
Another day with lots of light
A day where we can just lay around
A night where we can lay on the ground..
Watching the stars from afar
Hoping to see that shooting star..
To make a wish just for you
Hoping that everything does come true.
You must believe in yourself
and believe in everyone else.
You’re not alone
and You’re not a clone
Be yourself
Be nobody else
The day will be yours just give it time
because we all know that it is flying by.

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