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January 3, 2011
By Schoolgirl1618 BRONZE, Silver Lake, Indiana
Schoolgirl1618 BRONZE, Silver Lake, Indiana
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Faith,Hope,and love and the greatest of these is love

Why do i continue to
cry over something that is
lost over someone who
broke my heart so many times.
Over someone who only
made me feel bad about
things who made me cut
and who made me cry.
How can i go on loving
you after all the things you
have done to me still
carry the pain i got from it.
What must i do to
erase you from mind
erase you from my heart
and go on with my life.
How can you go on acting nothing
happened and not even care
about the things you
did to me and act like
what was between us is
nothing but a mistake

The author's comments:
the guy i was going to marry showed his true colors and hurt me and this is how i feel

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