January 14, 2011
By LexITron BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
LexITron BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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You will never be a memory,
The many faces you wear,
Show your corrupted soul.
Hold your fist against your skull,
Try, and blot the memories away,
Your past will reminisce,
You’ll only grasp tighter,
Hands together,
Forgetting about the bloodshed.
With scars still left behind,
Memories of your spoken words degrade me!
As I walk upon these fertile grounds
Do you feel like God?
Does it feel good.
Just walk away,
Forget your good memories,
Leave me helpless and forgotten,
Twist words of uncertainty into ex friends,
Terrorize the one who loved you most,
Look around you,
Whose left,
Your eyes are wide open
You’re given the privilege to see,
But, you’re blind,
History will repeat,
But you will never be just a memory

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