Not likely, I think

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The inevitable question:
He loves me, he loves me not?
Either way, its all about him.

As boys they have cooties,
As teens they have jokes,
As men they have moments of charm, I suppose…

But are all men the same?
For if not, there is hope.
Could I possibly find a man different than most?

Not likely, I think as I look at a man,
Staring down a young women with blonde hair and a tan.
Is that all that they see? Long legs and no meat?

Not likely at all that I’d find a good man,
Who would like me for me.
No, not in this life… at least I don’t think.

I’ll just sit here and smile as the men walk on by.
I’ll just sip down my coffee and admire the sky.
After all, silly men should not cause me to cry.

But then, wait a sec. Who is that that I see?
A handsome young man who is looking at me?
Well, maybe this love thing really isn’t so bad.
Maybe all men are not all the same in the end.

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