January 14, 2011
By Marisa Weich BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
Marisa Weich BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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I come from a big family,
A family that was once whole,
But it has been broken,
And now all we have left ,
Are gaps in our hearts,
An empty space in the house,
a void in our lives,
a hole.
And to think of all the times
When I argued with him,
Screamed at him,
Ignored him, and
Abandoned him.
Well, now I’m left with regret.
How could I act that way to someone I love?
When he told me he didn’t have much time left,
I was in denial, disregarding what he spoke of.
Yeah I was cold, I acted cowardly.
That’s something I don’t need to be told.
Cancer did this to him.
It made the light in our lives so dim.
It destroyed his body. His emaciated body.
So weak. So cold.
That’s not the Dad I know.
He was supposed to die old,
supposed to see my children grow.
Each breath weaker than the last.
His time was coming fast.
It was painful to watch.
His suffering, his sorrow, his sadness.
He continued to be persistent,
But the cancer was resistant ,
As he tried to kill away the evil cells through chemotherapy
and radiation.
but the domination of the cancer cells attacked his body
with disgusting determination.
they never gave up.
but neither would my dad.
he said he’d fight till the end.
He'd put on a brave face,
to finish this difficult race,
conquer the pain,
and stop this Cancerous train,
But Cancer never stops,
Cancer will do a lot.
It can wreck lives and leave them to rot.
It can take away the life of loved ones
Making us feel lonely and bare.
But cancer cannot take away the memories we share.

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