January 14, 2011
By shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
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“Look at it sweetheart…

Have you ever seen anything

Quite like it?...”

I try to hide my face

Cower beneath my wings.

It doesn’t work

For my walls are made of glass—

And they’re everywhere at once.




“Does it DO anything?...”

A figure I have grown to hate—


Steps closer

And bangs upon the walls—

I’m not satisfactory—

The customers are not happy…

My life is on the line.

I sigh.

My wings make a sound

Like crumbling paper

As I strain to open them.

Once so spacious—

Now my surroundings are cramped

And the ever-present tormentors

Touch the walls

As if they could catch a falling feather.

They should try the gift shop—

I’m sure they sell them there.

“None have succeed—

Though many try…

A reward to the one

Who can make her cry.”

And so the torture begins.

Although I’m weakened by their blows—

I cannot shed a tear.

The crowds are thinning out—

There’s better sights to see.

One man steps forward—

The last attempt of the day.

He smiles.

And I begin to shake

Feathers falling fast

Eyes wide in shock—



He’s here.

He’s come.

Has my Father heard my prayers?...

My owner smiles

As my savior hands him the money—

He’d like to try this game.

He walks up and I smile…

“I love you”

Is all he says…

… And I begin to cry

Tears falling faster

A rain upon the feathers

Gathered at my feet.

My savior smiles and turns to my owner

Who stands staring in shock—

He wasn’t lying when he said

I haven’t cried before.

Business takes place—money exchanges hands

And blowing me a kiss…

My savior walks away.

… I am a dirty angel

An angel the demons have caught

I am a pet angel

Kept in a cage

And set on display

For the sinned to laugh and point at.

I have been denied salvation.

… There is nowhere left to hide.

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