January 14, 2011
I’m falling

Without any way to check my descent

I’m rocketing through the atmosphere

Through the clouds and air currents

My deadweight drags me down

Until I hit the earth with a deafening rumble

Smashing into the ground


What has caused this happenstance

To take place, to come about?

He took the locks off my wings

And threw me from my gilded cage

Wished me well

However the winds of Fate may choose to blow me

Be it swiftly, and far away.

… Which was all nice and dandy

Besides the fact that I’ve forgotten

I no longer remember— the way I once did

I cannot recall how to fly.

Therefore—I fall.

Down down

My savior condemned me

His helping only hurt

Cuz y’see…

He freed me to live again

Which would’ve been great

If only I hadn’t forgotten

How to breathe.

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