January 14, 2011
By ali_jayy BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
ali_jayy BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
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Silence is a bubble that surrounds and consumes me
Drowning out the garble of the faces
Fogging up the appearance of their being
Saving me from the hurtful things they’re saying

My silence can bring me comfort
Cradling like a mothers womb
Rocking forward and back, soothing away pain
Keeping in the dark, locked far away

My silence is a parasite that eats away my soul
Never getting enough, preventing any control
I withering away in my silence, completely alone
Trying to pop my bubble, to bust into the light
Cause all that’s here is darkness, a never ending night

A hand extends to my world
Throwing a life preserve
Into my sea of darkness
“Hello love” I hear ringing in my ears
My silence is gone

The author's comments:
I had hoped that the poem would show that even those moments when you feel lost or alone or consumed in silence there is always someone there to help you

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