You say You Love Me!!!

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

You say you Love me
But you turn around
you say to others you don't
You've broken my heart
into a million peices
You say you Love me
But you cheat on me
You don't think it affects me
It affects me a lot
I cry at night
thinking about you
I cry till I fall asleep
You don't know how I feel
You say you Love me
You cheat, lie, and hurt me
You don't know anything about me
You've hurt me
And you don't even know
Know how much I love you
Or how much you're hurting me
You say you Love me
But you've hurt me so much
That I can't say I love you anymore

The author's comments:
Being hurt so much makes people think that they can't trust men anymore....I know I can't for a while...some men don't know what they do to woman, or how much they hurt us.

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