Where No One Ever Walked

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Every night he waited in her favorite red chair,
waiting in silence,
for her to come home.
But no one ever came through the door.
It had been three years since she had left.
All he could do was think about his beloved wife.
But no one was there.
Yet every day, night after night he waited in the chair.
He told himself that he would never leave the chair
until he decided to find her.
And today was that day.
In the way back,
where no one ever walked,
he stood with her in the long field.
She wore her favorite red dress.
It was long and flowed in the breeze.
Her long golden hair blowed ever so gently against the sky.
Her feet were bare and pale.
Scars flowed up and down on her heart,
and side to side all over her chest
and throat.
One long scar peeled down the side of her cheek.
He wanted to make sure she was okay.
She never moved. It was like she wasn’t breathing anymore.
He knelt down beside her and lightly touched the white rose she held in her hands.
“ I will be with you again my love.”
No answer.
No voices anywhere.
Just the soft blow of the wind on his face
and her bright green eyes starring with love down at him.
“What must I do to make it better?”
She still said nothing.
The only thing that mover were her eyes.
They moved to right pocket.
In his pocket, he reached,
pulled out something shinny,
and fell to her feet.
In a low whisper he mumbled,
“ Now my love, I Will always be with you.”
She smiled down at him and softly grabbed his left hand.
He too, still wore his ring.
He smiled back at her and listened the only words that appeared out of her thoat
“ Yes. You will.”

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