this ones for you

January 14, 2011
By BeautifulSkye PLATINUM, Mansfield, Ohio
BeautifulSkye PLATINUM, Mansfield, Ohio
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you cant live with them... you cant live without them.

this ones for you
this smile fades away
as the tears start to fall
deluding the red puddle
shedding from my wrists
with your every lie
my heart begins to break
as you peirce my back
with the knife
formed from your untold truths
this ones for
the scars start to engulf my body
because you say you love me
but its too late
you said your trying to protect me
but all you do is hurt me worse
this ones for you
everytime you bring up a
memory or tell me you miss me
you make another blood stained
blade and blood soaked sleeve
this ones for you
i try not to love you
i try to be happy with other people
but i cant helf it
you know all my favorite things
you can make me laugh
even when im crying
the sad thing is i cant help it
im still falling for you
i cant hide it
or put on a fake smile and it kills me
this ones for you
why are you "protecting me"
all your doing is killing
but thats my fault
i fall for it everytime
this ones for you
these scars
this blood
the tears
the heartbreak
the blood-stained blades..
theyre all for you
i hope you enjoy them...
why couldnt you just take my love..
noones going to love you like i do!

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