The Affliction of Words

January 18, 2011
By Nikki Risbeck SILVER, Tooele, Utah
Nikki Risbeck SILVER, Tooele, Utah
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The words you spoke were venom,
Dripping from the fangs of the deadliest cobra.
We played a game of cat and mouse
In a suffocating darkness,
Your echoing laughter making my blood run black.

Pleasure given by suffering,
River-running eyes were awarded like trophies
The affliction was salt in wounds,
As I plunged deeper into your antagonizing words.

With each day that crept by,
The harassment grew deadlier.
You threw your razor-sharp words from your spiteful tongues,
I could only blink a thousand times,
With hope that your ghastly faces would disappear;
But to my dismay I found,
Whenever I placed my feet on the black top,
Your faces would reappear.

I conquered the craving for suicide;
Finding safety in my shell of loneliness.
But you destroyed my shell
And dragged me kicking and screaming.

You captured me in your prison of torment,
I dwelled behind the bars of my imprisonment,
Wearing the chains of my sorrow.
My hunger for freedom,
My thirst for an escape,
Became unbearable.

I was defenseless against the abuse of your words,
Against the attack of your words,
Against the brutality of your words.
Your lethal, murderous, undying, beastly words.

One day,
You will choke on your words,
your breath will come short
Your throat will close up and your lips will be stitched,
Your hateful words will seize.

One day,
You will suffer like I had.
You will bare the wounds that were afflicted.
You will hear the echoed voices
And you will recognize your own.

One day,
The cruelty of your words will assault.
They will grind you into pieces,
With the same grotesque, sadistic brutality you put me through.

And on your judgement day;
When you beg to be redeemed of your sins,
You will cry out in vain,
When you are sent to Lucifer
to live in his flames.
So you yourself,
Can experience the pain.

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