Your Secret is safe with me

January 14, 2011
Never had I seen that side of you,
Until you let me in.
Let me into the sad unknown,
Of you broken fragile heart.
It's been an hour since you let me in,
The shock of the part of you,
That I never knew overwhelmed me.
You may think if you read this,
Your secrets are going to become known,
That everyone will know the you,
You try and hide from,
Everyone,but me?
Why me of all people me you trust,
With your biggest secrets,
Me you trust with the unknown skeletons,
Lurking within the closet of your life.
Out of everyone in this world,
You chose me?
Why? Only you know.
Don't think you made a mistake,
I hid your secrets deep within my heart.
As you read this you may think,
All your secrets will begin to pour,
But I made a promise to you,
And made a promise to myself,
Not to let anyone else know the sadness,
Of your fragile broken heart.
So your secrets safe with me.

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