January 13, 2011
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Left Right Left Right
I say silently to myself,
Such a simple thing is walking,
Yet when I do not direct myself I fall,
Like a clumsy elephant with two left feet,
I am invisible,
To all those I wish cared,
Yet all too visible to those who don't,
I hum under my breath,
Just loud enough to block out their thoughts,
They do not speak to me,
But they do speak about me,
Their words are direct,
Sharp and they cut me like a razor blade,
I do not bleed but I am overwhelmed,
With pain,
My wounds are deeper than they can see,
It hurts,
But I don't mind their remarks,
I know that under their superficial clothing,
And makeup they too hide scars,
My thoughts are loud and clear,
Theirs are covered with lies,
They act confident,
Because under their critical,
Harsh crust,
They are more delicate and broken,
Then they will ever admit,
I am beautiful,
And they think so too,
Probably not,
For now at least,
I am proud,
Are they?
Maybe of their exterior,
And fake casing,
But below they are like,
A scared little boy,
Afraid of his own shadow,
So he hides from it,
But sooner or later,
They boy will discover,
It will never leave his side,
And sooner or later they too,
Will realize this,
And when they do,
They will bleed,
From the stabs of society,
From the stabs of vengeance,
Of those they hurt,
Real blood?
Maybe not,
But I know they too,
Are beautiful,
Just like me,
I sing louder,
But that cant block out,
My own thoughts,
Because I too am trapped,
Stuck with my thoughts,
Just like their Superficial casing,
Just like the little boys shadow,
Run and hide,
But it will never leave.

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