My Green Forest

January 13, 2011
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As I’m walking
through a green filled forest,
I brush my hand
On every tree and bush.
I look up and see the tops of trees
And patches of blue sky.
With every step
I hear the crunching of leaves,
And the scattering of animals.

I’ll sit on a fallen log here and there
And become as silent as I can.
That way I hear the birds sing,
The squirrels chatter,
The monkeys moving from tree to tree,
And any other animal around me.

As I walk deeper in the forest,
The sun starts to fade.
Then I hear the growls of lions,
And the howls of wolves.
I see the slithering of snakes,
And the wild eyed owls.
I never stop walking,
For I don’t want
To be their next meal.

A light shines in the distance,
Its so bright and strong.
Then my landscape changes
As I get closer to the light.

Now I’m in a city,
With noisy people,
And loud cars.

My green forest is gone,
Along with all the animals in it.
Sad how things change
From beautiful,
To Not.

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