If I write a note to God

January 13, 2011
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Honor to God above the extravagant heaven,

Please listen to this lowly tiny homunculus message:

"Occasionally, you engage my fate's string with others

Rarely like now, I'm sensing that this other could be the one

My feeling are going overboard that out of my hand

This creature's existence are lightening my lives,

There is no word would be able to describe it,

The most wonderful person that I have ever met.

And obviously, there is no way I can thank you fully.

Realistically, everything is not what it seems!

Shame on this society for developing so modernly knowledgeable,

While being so repulsively ignorant toward a "different" type,

Turning some around us to an outcast heartlessly!

I was fooled cleverly and has lived in la la land long enough,

Or maybe I just feared to accept it and kept deceiving my conscience!

And I have no doubt that you already knew it,

Without knowing your unreasonable intention, it is burning my spirit harshly.

Pardon me, God, give me a sign or reason or strength;

Either to continue enduring these torments persistently

Or to vanish from this meaningless life."

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