Lie lie lies

January 13, 2011
By Sammie_Shamrock PLATINUM, Holland, Michigan
Sammie_Shamrock PLATINUM, Holland, Michigan
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How am I supposed to believe you
when you lie right through your teeth,
why should I listen to you
when your such a hypocrite,
all the things I couldnt see
all the things you made me believe,
its with every lie
the things I hide,
your judging comes in vain
heartache is you favorite pain,
everything you told me
all the times you made me believe,
all the things you said to me
they mean nothing,
your emotions they are fake
your intentions are screwed up,
your lies have killed me
and your trust diminished,
now that you have fallen
I can see you for who you really are,
just a low life liar
hypocrisy is not pretty,
never should have let my walls down
let you manipulate me,
but now i can see
what you are really.

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