The black Rose

January 13, 2011
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The rose had been pure red.
Cherry red, I would say.
Each time you told me that you loved me,
It turned darker and darker.
Until one day it turned BLACK.
You lied enough.
It’s time to stop.
You filled my heart with comfort,
You fulfilled my soul with love.
But not real love, of course.
Fake love, just like your words.
The rose, I crushed.
I crushed it as you had crushed my heart.
I crumpled up the rose.
You crumpled up my heart.
I told the rose that I hated you.
And you told my heart you loved me.
See how similar we are?
We both lied.
The red rod turned black.
My red heart turned black.
See how similar we are?
But I guess you’ll never know.....

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