First Time in Juvie?

January 13, 2011
"Your a menace! A delinquent that deserves nothing, not even the clothes on your back! I've never met a more deserving juvie than yourself, your a monster, barely human! You belong in a cage, which you'll soon be in."
After that
she heard nothing
his words were taunting
she shook her head in despair
one mistake
that's all it takes to completely f**k up your life
She let out one last scream
from the depths of her aching soul
"NO! YOU DON'T KNOW YOU..." she stumbles on her words before beginning to cry
her voice gets softer
"you don't understand...anything you've never been here...standing in my shoes, my life, hearing the things i'm" She's cut off and he stands up
"Mademoiselle your time on the outside of these walls are up. Wrists," His command resembles that that a dog is given as she is handcuffed
inside she feels like she has died

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