January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

One night all alone
The window is open, and the breeze is cool and bitter
A breeze so cold and hostile it could almost cut through you
A desperation and despair so heart wrenching, no one could help but feel it
The pain and misery of so many children, being neglected
Quiet, the trees suddenly still
The World abruptly seems to come to a halt
The moon, bright, shining, and white
Fades in and out
The stars around it seem to fall one by one
The world itself seems to just fade away
Then once its done, it can never be taken back
Decide to kill that pain once and for all
The world is now back, but spinning
Knocking you to the floor, hitting your head on the ground
Right out of reach is death!
Death, slowly, but surely creeping up on you
Overcoming your senses, trapping you in a dark and dangerous abyss of nothing
Black, black, everything is black,
There is nothing until; you have that one final moment and, nothing
Now, gone, unconscious, slow breathing, and finally it ends, at your own hands.
No one has noticed your despair

The author's comments:
This piece comes from a friend of mine who has committed suicide. I feel that it could have been stopped but it wasn't

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