Candy coated hell

January 10, 2011
By Tigger Bell SILVER, Idk, California
Tigger Bell SILVER, Idk, California
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The leaves change, as do you.
I thought you would be mine forever.
The words you told me were never true
You must think your pretty clever.
I look in your eyes, and you look through mine.
If you only knew what was going through my head.
But you would never give me the time.
Its like im better off dead.
Now winters almost over and spring is near.
I'll remeber everything we used to do.
I'll relive the memories and i wont shed a tear.
Because i've found away to erase a past of you.
You hold her and like there was never a you and i.
You whisper sweet words to her, like you did with me.
I'll never forget you as long as im alive.
I'm just hoping one day soon you will see.
But till that day comes you and your smile arent worth my time.
So i guess what im saying is farewell.
I know that you will never be mine.
But im tired of living in your candy coated hell.

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