no better

January 10, 2011
By writemyday SILVER, Mye Brook, New York
writemyday SILVER, Mye Brook, New York
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“Her eyes tell us everything
About her haunted past and those taunting regrets
Her frown tells us everything
About the pain she’s seen, known, experienced
Her stance tells us everything
The way her eyes scroll the floor
The way her chin bends to her chest
About the confidence and the hope she’s lost

We couldn’t let her in
Our eyes gleamed with dignity
Our smiles shone in ads
We stood tall and proud

Walking through the halls we cause a wave of whispers
We catch glances of envy and lust
No one dares step up to our path
No one dare challenges our height on this ladder
Queens of High School they call us, and we agree”

“They peak in high school
And continuously spiral downwards as their life moves on
They become the cashiers, the strippers, the taxi drivers
The worst

We can’t get any lower than the bottom
We can only get higher and stronger
We become the astronauts, the scientists, the authors
The best”??No better than each other, only in their minds

The author's comments:
Comment to share your'e side...An ashley or a Dylan???

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