January 10, 2011
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In the quiet, sanitized smelling lobby
Pacing back and forth,
Waiting for the doctor,
Praying for the best.

Heart shatter,
The doctor says the worst.
Escort into intensive care,
To the room where a silent figure lay.

IVs poke the smooth arms and legs.
Tubes insert throughout the body
Held in place by clear medical tape,
Connected to numerous machines.

The heart rate machine
Shows a slow,
Consistent beat

The breathing machine
Makes whistling sounds,
Pumping life into the body,
Hoping to save the life.

Standing next to the table
Rivers flowing down my cheek
Landing on the helpless body,
While holding the small vulnerable hands

The touch of warm infant hands
Shows a diminutive hope for the best
The face, ice cold
Crushed all hope for survival

The painful words fill the room,
Leaving the hardest decisions to be made.
Doing the most painful thing, but the best thing
Giving a chance to others that were hopeless,
Not knowing what their future holds for them.

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