Hey Guess What

January 14, 2011
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To the swinging of my hips
to the music in my heart beat
Never know when the tempo will change
I know something that wont
the way my heart pumps to your closeness
the look and spark in your eyes
the heat of your hand in mine
I always get excited to see you
no matter what
to the soft kisses
and the tickling
to snowball fights
and accidently hitting you in the face
I know things change
I sure hope this doesnt
I love every second just to see you
to the guess what
and calling names
so many things go great
maybe its meant to be
I hope I dont get heartbroken
but Ill live up every moment
to the fullest even if Im hurt in the end
I wont fail you
Like the rest have failed you
Im different
sure girls say theyre all different but is it true?
I wont cheat or lie to you
I know how it feels
So I am different because of that so you'll just have to believe me
Please believe...

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