January 12, 2011
Im sitting in class just thinking
Trying to let everything sync in
but i cant because this girl thats singing
everyone just waiting for the school bell to ring
i wanna talk, but im still thinking
Plus my teacher said she dont wanna hear my voice, just my breathing
Im so tired because i took interm today
Now we dont have to do work just play
But i now if my teacher had her way
We would be working nonstop without anything to say
You got the class clowns acting like fools
All jocks in the back, swear they cool
But wow i really love school
I just dislike class and its messed up rules
The bells ringing now im heading to my next class
Dont want a detention so i got to get there fast
But like every student i make the time between the swicthing last
Only thirty secounds left, i think i better get to class

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