Before I Fall

January 12, 2011
Before I fall day will break.
The sun will rise and I’ll awake.

Before I fall I’ll be the real me.
Not the girl everyone else sees.

Before I fall I will stand tall.
I will stay strong and won’t be called dull.

Before I fall I will fight.
I won’t hold back because it ends tonight!

Before I fall the Angels will sing.
The world will change and women will be kings.

Before I fall I will close my eyes.
Make a wish that I could fly.

Before I fall there will be an arch,
For me to know I wont be living in the dark.

Before I fall I will be happy.
This poem will be revised so it’s not so crappy.

Before I fall I will live and do my part.
I will leave this world with my only mark.

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