What im thinking

January 12, 2011
Thinking of thoughts that are not real
Thinking of you and how you feel
If you still care then so do i
If not i forget it and maybe cry
Everyone is telling me how you were so wrong
But yet i think differently, yet the pressure is so strong
Are we thinking the same thing
Without "OUR" thoughts, my thoughts are lika a bell with no ring
No one can hear them so do they matter
like climbing endless stairs or endless latter
My friend tells me it just isnt fair
But i cant help but think we werent going to get anywhere
Because when we saw our thoughts clearly, all we did was stall
I guess it would have been better if I never thought at all
Now im scared to think
So sorry if your having problems getting our minds to link
Its funny how important thoughts go away with just a blink
Dont get confused, just let it all sync in
Just dont be surprised when you cant tell.....
What Im Thinking

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