Secret Life of My Mother

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous


She wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn
She starts the car right after she wakes up
She does this so the car warms up on a winter day
After she starts the car she rushes back into the house
It is frigid that she can see her breath
She goes inside and starts up a hot steamy shower
She see's herself and thinks "Oh my goodness I have such bed hair"
She finishes her shower then quickly runs out of the bathroom into her bedroom
She gets her clothes and her work uniform and rushes out the door into the cold weather.

She goes into her warm almost hot car
She pulls out of the driveway that is filled with ice
She slides down the driveway so fast that she makes sure no one is behind her
Luckily, no one is there
She can relax on the way in the dark as she makes it to work
She listens to her book on C.D. The Secret
She is not looking forward to her long day a head of her
She thinks to herself I need another job
She says she will look for a new job when she gets home
She hates the job because of how little credit she gets for doing good work
She pulls into her work building in Des Plains
Dr. Weil and her boss Pricilla tell her and her co workers to be prepared
They tell her that there will be 7 surgery's today
She goes and changes in the locker room
She goes to the computer and all of a sudden
"Ring Ring" Goes her phone on her desk
She picks it up quickly and it is her youngest daughter calling her
Her daughter asks "Mom when will you be home?
She answers her daughter and says "She isn't sure because of how many surgeries they have today."
She hangs up the phone
Dr. Weil comes on over the intercom and tells the nurses to be prepared for there surgeries
She goes in awake to all six of them, but not the seventh one
When the sixth one rolls around it is around four thirty and she is excausted
She finishes the seventh one feeling like her arms and legs are going to fall off

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